Caroline Dealy, PhD


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Dr. Dealy’s broad research goal is to inform and develop clinically-relevant approaches to address debilitating human conditions affecting the joints and limbs.  Her research philosophy is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that cause disease and impair healing and growth. By integrating studies in molecular, skeletal, and developmental biology, Dr. Dealy’s laboratory is providing knowledge that can be used to develop clinical therapies that augment the body’s own natural defenses and regenerative responses.  Her current research areas include:


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Limb Regeneration

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Educational Activities

Dr. Dealy believes in education that sparks intellectual excitement, fosters creative problem-solving, and promotes career readiness.  She teaches graduate courses on biomedical innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific communication; and lectures on stem cells, skeletal biology, and tissue regeneration. and tissue regeneration.  She has directed a PhD graduate program in Skeletal Biology.  Trainees in her research laboratory have gone on to diverse careers in research, medicine, education and industry. Additionally, educational programs she has founded and currently direct include:

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Dr. Dealy is committed to translating her clinically-relevant research discoveries into tangible benefit for society through commercialization partnerships with government or industry.  She is an inventor on 6 patents and is a co-founder of a Connecticut biotech startup company that is developing novel therapeutics and diagnostics for rheumatoid arthritis. She has been honored by the Connecticut Technology Council as a Woman of Innovation nominee in two categories: Academic Innovation and Leadership; and Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership.